Purchase imiquimod in houston matches, duration drug induced skin cancer target

Purchase imiquimod in houston matches, duration drug induced skin cancer target

Purchase imiquimod in houston, duration drug induced skin cancer

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How do I know if Imiquimod is working? Even normal looking skin may be affected, because it may contain invisibly abnormal cells. The skin may weep, peel, crack or even blister and then scab over. The area may be itchy or sore, painful and burn. This is caused by the abnormal cells dying and a sign that the treatment is working.
Can imiquimod make warts worse? Imiquimod is not a cure for genital warts. New warts may develop while you are using the cream. Imiquimod will also not keep you from spreading genital warts to other people. Do not use cosmetics or any other skin care products on the treated areas, unless directed to do so by your doctor.
Can you have genital warts and your partner not? Genital warts are spread from sexual skin-to-skin contact with someone who has it — including vaginal, anal, and oral sex. So the only surefire way to avoid getting genital warts and other STDs is to not have any contact with another person's mouth or genitals.
Can you treat genital warts at home? Apple cider vinegar may treat genital warts at home. It's similar to prescription medications that use acidic ingredients to kill off the virus. You can soak a Q-tip, cotton ball, or gauze in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the warts.
Are warts contagious after treatment? After a treatment, the skin will blister or get irritated and eventually slough off. That skin is dead and so is the virus within it so it isn't contagious anymore. Since warts are spread by skin-to-skin contact, the best way to prevent further spread is to keep it covered up in between treatments.
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